Preszler Law Wins Jury Trial against ICBC

Preszler Law Trial Lawyer Nathaniel J. Hartney recently won a difficult wrongful death jury trial against ICBC.  Nathaniel represented the widow of a man who was killed while riding his motorcycle on the sea to sky highway after a logging truck overturned and spilled its load of logs into oncoming traffic, striking and killing his client’s husband.  ICBC denied liability for the incident, forcing Nathaniel to commission an Expert report from an Engineer who proved the logging truck was travelling at 100km/hr in a 60km/hr zone, and that the truck had been negligently maintained prior to the incident.  Three weeks before trial, ICBC made an offer to settle the case for which was not accepted.  Four days before trial, ICBC tripled their offer to settle.  Both offers were refused and Nathaniel proceeded to trial and obtained a verdict in excess of both of ICBC’s offers to settle.

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