How Long Does It Take to Fix a Car After an Accident

Much of the focus after a car accident is on the driver’s bodily injuries– and for good reason. These wrecks create life-altering repercussions. In addition, the potential severity of property damage in a claim is also significant. The technology surrounding the ability of a motor vehicle to absorb impact has improved greatly over the years. While these developments have made us safer, the flip side is that car repairs are more costly and time-consuming.

If you are wondering how long to expect your car repair to take, the answer will vary. In addition to the actual repairs, you could also be forced to navigate the ICBC claim process. Our personal injury law firm may be able to help you.

Obtaining an estimate

The first step is to obtain an estimate of the cost and timeframe of your auto repair. This involves working with a repair centre that is approved or operated by the ICBC. This step comes after filing your initial claim with them, so you will need that number handy. They will provide you with your options when it comes to claim centre selection. While the time it takes to schedule an estimate can vary, the estimate itself is usually completed the same day. You have two years to seek an estimate before your opportunity expires, but a car accident lawyer advises against unnecessary delay.

Completing the repair

The amount of time the actual repairs take will also vary. Once the ICBC has agreed to pay your claim, you will need to schedule it. Often, this can take a matter of days. While the vast majority are completed in one day– delays are possible. This is especially true for older or rare vehicles, as locating the correct car part can take some time.

Insurance issues

The ICBC also has the potential to slow down the process. While they will often offer little resistance and provide you with the compensation you are entitled to– this is not always the case. Many times, they will dramatically undervalue your vehicle or underestimate the cost of repairing it. When this happens, it could leave you with out of pocket expenses. In other cases, they might dispute your accounting of the accident. If they allege you were responsible for the crash, they could ask that you pay your deductible before agreeing to pay benefits on your claim. This is hardly fair if you were not the at-fault party in the crash.

Bottom line

In many cases, the amount of time of having your car repaired will depend on you. The longer you wait to schedule an estimate or a repair, the longer it will take you to get back on the road. That said, if you move with haste, the entire process could only take a matter of days. Expect it to be longer if you drive a rare, imported, or older vehicle– as parts could be scarce. If a part has to be shipped in, your repair could take a while.

How a lawyer could help 

After an accident, auto repairs are inherently stressful. It only becomes more frustrating when ICBC makes things worse. Thankfully, you have options if you are involved in a dispute. If you believe you are being treated unfairly, you do not have to let a conflict drag out the repair process. At Preszler Law, we are experienced with appealing unfair decisions from the ICBC and– when necessary– filing suit over those claims. Please call right away to discuss your case. We look forward to working as your advocate.

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