Whistler Dog Bite Lawyer

Have you suffered an injury from a dog attack in Whistler? You are not alone. They are surprisingly commonplace throughout British Columbia. While any dog could potentially be violent, recent freedom of information requests indicate that German shepherds and pit bulls are responsible for the bulk of dog attacks.

Large or small, any dog presents a serious risk to your health and safety. Seemingly minor bites could result in a dangerous infection or permanent nerve damage. Major injuries could lead to lifelong disfigurement.

We are proud to serve as a personal injury law firm for the Whistler community. We have experience taking on these cases and look forward to putting it to work for you. If a dog injures you, their owner might be responsible. To discuss how to hold them accountable, contact our team right away.

Talking about your injury

One of the rarely discussed side effects of a dog attack is that you will be asked to constantly talk about it. Not only will police want your statement, but the dog owner’s insurance company will pressure you to speak to them as well. If the dog owner is a neighbour, they could attempt to resolve the matter with you privately or even pressure you to drop your claim.

The good news is that when you work with our dog bite law firm, we can serve as your advocate. Not only can you direct the owner to your legal counsel, but we can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

No fee unless we win

In every dog bite case, our firm only gets paid if we are successful. That is because we enter into every case on a contingency basis. This means our recovery is tied to yours. If we are unable to obtain monetary compensation for you– you will never owe us anything.

If we collect some or all of the money you deserve for your injuries, we will take a percentage of that as our fee. This will be agreed to at the start of your case, and we will never increase it throughout your claim. Because our compensation is tied to yours, you can count on us to advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Contact our team of Whistler dog bite lawyers

Tracking down the owner of a dog can be a challenge, and the more time that elapses after a bite– only makes that more difficult. It is crucial that you move forward quickly with your claim. Setting up a case evaluation with us is simple. Contact us today and schedule it at your earliest possible convenience.

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