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When in responsible hands, dogs can make wonderful pets and companions. However, when canines are not well-bred, trained, and supervised, they can become dangerous. Dog bite attacks are frightening, unexpected incidents that often result in scars and trauma. Do not just assume “everything will be fine” in the end. Typical losses include nearly $20,000 in medical expenses and lost wages. Contact us at Preszler Law to connect with experienced professionals who can inform you of your legal rights and options, as well as investigate and represent your claim if you so desire.

Typical Dog Bite Injuries 

If a dog bites you, you will need professional medical attention within eight hours to lower your risk of infection and serious complications. Infection is a chief concern with these bites. If the wound becomes infected, hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics may become necessary. Diabetics and the immunocompromised are at greater risk. Roughly 50 percent of dog bites introduce dangerous bacteria into the bloodstream. In addition, unvaccinated dogs could carry and transfer rabies, which is potentially fatal. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By A Dog 

If you’ve been bitten by a dog:

  • Put gentle pressure on the wound to stop bleeding and flush out as much bacteria as you can.
  • Wash the wound with mild soap and water, placing a clean cloth over the top to slow the bleeding.
  • Apply antibiotic cream and wrap the wound in a sterile bandage.
  • See a medical professional for an examination right away. You may need stitches and antibiotics.
  • Change the bandage several times a day and watch for signs of redness, swelling, pain, or fever.
  • Contact the local bylaw officer to report the incident, and ensure public safety.
  • Call a personal injury lawyer with experience in dog bites and attacks for free legal advice. 

What Causes Dog Bites? 

It’s hard to comprehend what would cause a beloved pet to attack, but common triggers include stress, fear, protectiveness, sickness, being startled, or overexcitation during play. Dogs can be possessive over food, toys, bedding, territory, or their masters. Some dogs react suddenly, without warning. In other cases, the owner is aware of the dog’s tendency to lunge, growl, bare teeth, snarl, become rigid, nip, or bite. 

Get a Free Consultation with Coquitlam Dog Bite Lawyers

If you’re searching for Coquitlam dog bite lawyers, consider contacting Preszler Law in our nearest offices in Surrey or Burnaby, each located within 20 minutes of Coquitlam. During your free consultation with a personal injury lawyer, we’ll help you understand your full range of legal options, from pressing criminal charges, filing a negligence lawsuit, or making a claim through workers’ compensation, to working with local animal control, dealing with insurance companies, and finding expert medical care. Should you decide to work with our firm, you pay nothing unless compensation results from your claim.

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