Minimal Damage to Vehicle = Big Award!

Our lawyers Almira Esmail and Tyler Dennis recently received news of another victory in the recent judgment of Khademolhosseini v. Ji, 2019 BCSC 854On December 23, 2014 Dr. Khademolhosseini was in a rear-end accident where there was minimal damage to his vehicle. The defence argued that there would be no loss to his future earnings because he was still billing in excess of 140 hours in some months post-accident.

Madam Justice Baker awarded $350,000 for loss of future earning capacity, representing a 15% reduction in Dr. Khademolhosseini’s earning capacity for the next 10 years. The defence also argued only $5,000 was appropriate for future care; Baker J. awarded our plaintiff $40,000 under this head of damage.

The total judgment awarded to our plaintiff was $485,918.80 + costs!

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