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If you are involved in a minor fender bender, you can likely handle the Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC) paperwork on your own. If you are involved in a major car accident resulting from the actions of a reckless or negligent driver and are seriously injured, those are different circumstances. When you face long-term recuperation and potential disability or impairment, and you do not know when or if you can return to work, a qualified lawyer can provide valuable help in dealing with the ICBC.

The Penticton car accident lawyers at Preszler Injury Lawyers treat you with the compassion and dignity you deserve. Our car accident law firm has been helping injured persons in need for 60 years, and our record speaks for itself.

What to do after a car accident

When a person is badly injured in a car accident, there is often little, if anything, they can do right after the accident. If you can, photograph the vehicles involved, and take down their license plate numbers. Get the contact information of the other driver as well as his or her licence information, and the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails of any witnesses.

If possible, contact the ICBC immediately and report the crash. However, do not provide any more information than the date, time, and location of the collision, along with licence plate and contact information. Do not give the ICBC additional information before contacting a lawyer.

Seek medical attention

In the aftermath of a car accident, when the adrenalin is pumping, a person may not realize right away that they suffered an injury. Always seek medical attention after a car accident, even if you think you are unhurt. Failure to seek prompt medical attention can harm an ICBC claim, as the ICBC adjuster might question the injury’s severity if the patient waits to seek treatment or even suggest the injury did not result from the motor vehicle accident.

ICBC settlements

There is a good reason that you should not provide the ICBC with any more information than legally required. The ICBC, as with any insurer, wants to settle a car accident claim for as little as possible. Providing an excess of information, however inadvertently, may result in the ICBC questioning the extent of the injuries suffered and even your degree of fault for the accident.

Even when an ICBC settlement offer sounds generous, never agree to it without first seeking the advice of a qualified car accident lawyer.

Experienced Penticton car accident lawyers will know the fair value of a settlement for their client’s particular injuries and prognosis. An injured layperson will seldom know the true long-range consequences of their injury. The ICBC cannot penalize a driver’s claim because the individual sought legal counsel.

Contact Penticton car accident lawyers

If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident through no fault of your own, you might benefit from the services of an experienced car accident lawyer at Preszler Injury Law. Call us 24/7 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. There is never a fee unless we win your case.

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