Preszler’s Sponsorship of FACEBC

Preszler’s Sponsorship of FACEBC

Preszler Law is happy to announce their Visionary Sponsorship of a new women’s organization, Feminist Association for Collaborative Education (FACEBC). FACEBC offers career and leadership development conferences, life skills workshops and social events, support services, advocacy and outreach programming. Sponsorship dollars directly support programming and subsidized event registration fees for low-income individuals.

Sponsorship of FACEBC was an easy decision as Preszler Law’s managing partners are determined to create an environment of inclusion for both clients and the firm’s employees.

While 52% of lawyers under 44 are women, many leave their litigation practice after 5 years, with even more leaving after 10 years.* Lack of support around family care, being treated differently than their male peers, being paid less and having less of a chance of making partner are just a few reasons the field of law can be inhospitable to women.

“Personal injury law has a hard time attracting female lawyers, and that is something we’re trying to change […] we want people to know the firm supports feminist values”, says Joseph Fearon, one of the firm’s managing partners.

The firm also recognizes that many communities face additional barriers when seeking legal support, and they understand a diverse team of lawyers and legal support staff increases access to justice.

“Meeting with a lawyer can be intimidating, especially when you are worried about being treated differently because of your culture, race, gender or sexuality” says FACEBC. “Preszler’s stance on feminism and dedication to inclusion and diversity is an important indication of how they will support, respect and advocate for their clients”.

* The Law Society of Upper Canada’s “Statistical Snapshot of Lawyers in Ontario (2013)”

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