Preszler Injury Lawyers’ Client Awarded Millions of Dollars

Preszler Injury Lawyers are proud to announce another fantastic win at trial. 

The BC Supreme Court recently released the Reasons for Judgment in Lee v. MacLean. 

Our client suffered injuries to her neck with headaches which impacted her ability to work as a cancer surgeon. 

ICBC vigorously fought the case, arguing that our client was much less severely injured than she was.  

This is another example of ICBC pressuring an injured person to accept a low and unfair offer.  

Fortunately, ICBC’s strategy did not work, and we were able to recover exponentially more than our client was willing to settle for before trial. The court rightfully confirmed our client was truthful, stoic, and had taken all steps to try and recover from her injuries.  

The total judgment was $2.87M, which will likely be one of the largest personal injury judgments in British Columbia in the year 2022.  

Congratulations to one of our managing partners, Joseph Fearon, and trial counsel Tyler Dennis on this outstanding victory. 

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