The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently published its decision in Carrero v. Park, 2022 BCSCB 582. 

Our client was injured while riding his bicycle when the defendant driver turned right in front of him, effectively cutting him off and causing him to ride into the back quarter panel of her vehicle. The collision threw our client over his front handlebars. 

Mr. Carrero had a difficult and turbulent upbringing. He came to Canada at a young age and fell victim to the foster care system. He was never given a social insurance number, leaving him unemployed when he reached adulthood. Despite a few brushes with the law, Mr. Carrero pulled himself up and got his life on track with a new job. 

While the Court found our client to be largely at fault for the accident, the injury he sustained as a result could not be ignored. Such an injury has a great impact on his future employment opportunities. 

In the end, the Court awarded our client over $240,000.  

Congratulations to counsels Seth Wheeldon and Evan Lay on their victory against ICBC.

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