New Trial Victory in British Columbia

Preszler Injury Lawyers are excited to receive another trial victory for a deserving client.

Reasons for Judgment were released by the BC Supreme Court in Hawes v. Nyhus, awarding our client fair compensation for injuries he sustained.

Our client was injured in a car accident when another driver negligently turned into oncoming traffic, causing a near head-on collision. Because of a chronic back injury caused by the accident, our client was no longer able to perform the more physical aspects of his job.

ICBC disputed our client’s injuries and how they impacted his ability to work. When ICBC failed to offer fair compensation, Preszler Injury Lawyers BC did not hesitate to take the case to trial. As a result, our client received a judgment of over $834,000 plus costs and disbursements. 

Congratulations to our senior trial lawyer, Craig McIvor and his second chair, Evan Lay on their fantastic victory.

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