Another Trial Victory Against ICBC

Preszler Injury Lawyers were successful again at trial in Besteman v. Landriault. As a result, the defendant was found 100% responsible for a car accident that occured when they ran a late yellow light as our client was turning left. 

ICBC argued our client was partially at fault for the crash, an argument with which we strongly disagreed.

The Court recognized that motorists should be able to expect other drivers to follow the rules of the road. Those rules include slowing down and stopping at yellow lights, as well as driving safely in slippery conditions, both of which the other driver failed to do in this case. 

While cases involving left turns often involve a finding of liability against both drivers, we were glad to see the court find our client 0% liable for the accident. This means he will receive fair compensation for his injuries.

Congratulations to Nathaniel Hartney on another trial victory against ICBC!

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