Another Preszler Win at Trial in Hadley v. Pabla

Reasons for Judgment were released by the BC Supreme Court last week in Hadley v. Pabla, awarding our client nearly four times the amount offered by ICBC before trial. Raj Bhogal was successful in obtaining an award for damages for Mr. Hadley, including his pain and suffering, past and future loss of earning capacity, out-of-pocket expenses, and future medical expenses.

Raj argued that Mr. Hadley’s chronic knee pain significantly disrupted his pre-accident life. Justice Verhoeven awarded $90,000 for Mr. Hadley’s pain and suffering alone, the “high-end” of what Raj had argued to be appropriate in the case.

This case is another example of ICBC making low-ball offers in an effort to threaten and scare injured parties into taking settlements that are a fraction of what is fair and owed to them in law.

Preszler Injury Lawyers has been to trial nine times in just the first seven weeks of 2021. We are proud to help bring fairness into the lives of our clients, even if it means going to trial amidst a global pandemic.

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