Another Million Dollar Win for Preszler Injury Lawyers

Preszler Injury Lawyers is excited to announce another big win against ICBC. 

 In Corness v Ng, 2022 BCSC 334, our client sustained a back injury when a negligent driver ran a red light and caused a serious car accident 

Our client was an extremely hard worker who had built up a successful flooring business. Before the collision, he worked long hours doing difficult physical labour, and even worked a second job renovating houses. He tried to keep working through the pain, but because of his injury, he had to change the kind of work he did and limit his hours. That means that, despite his best efforts to recover from his injuries, he was losing a significant amount of money. 

ICBC called our client a liar. They fought to convince the Court that our client had a pre-existing back issue and the pain he felt was nothing more than a minor flare up of symptoms. Unfortunately, this is a common tactic employed by ICBC, even when the injured person is being truthful.  

This was yet another example of ICBC forcing a case to trial during a pandemic for no good reason. 

Without assistance from Preszler Injury Lawyers, our client would have been granted little or no compensation for his monetary losses and would have a limited chance of success to fight against ICBC’s unfair tactics. This case proves why recent changes imposed by the provincial government limiting injured car accident victims’ ability to hire personal injury lawyers are completely unfair. 

 The court confirmed our client to be an honest, hard-working man, and awarded him $1.8 million. This amount is substantially higher than ICBC’s initial offer.  

Congratulations to counsel, Seth Wheeldon, and one of our managing partners, Christopher McDougall, on their victory.

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