Whistler Birth Injury Lawyer

Of the 70,000 medical errors that take place in Canadian hospitals each year, some of the more serious errors involve newborns who are just starting out in life. Preventable birth injuries leave families with tremendous burdens of care and medical expenses for a lifetime. They deprive children of living life to the fullest extent. Canadian malpractice insurers pay tens of millions of dollars to families affected by birth injuries.

What Is A Birth Injury?

Most injuries at birth arise from the forces of nature during labour. However, improved fetal monitoring has improved birth outcomes and interventions in many ways, but hospital staff do not always pay attention to the signs of distress or communicate efficiently with one another. Sometimes mistakes are made. When a medical error leads to an injury in the newborn, contacting a birth injury law firm to file a lawsuit can hold medical providers accountable for failing to perform their standard duties of care.

Examples of birth injuries include:

  • Head injuries – brain bleeding, fracture, hematoma, hemorrhage
  • Nerve injuries – facial, brachial plexus, phrenic, spinal cord (paralysis)
  • Bone injuries – fractured clavicle, upper arm, upper leg
  • Perinatal asphyxia – lack of oxygen to the brain requiring intervention to prevent brain damage

If you have any questions or concerns about your labour and delivery, it is worth looking into the matter further with a team of skilled investigators. Local law enforcement often does not have the resources necessary to conduct a thorough inquiry. Hospital staff is of little assistance, as they retreat into damage control mode. Whistler personal injury lawyers work hard to determine the truth, at no upfront cost to you.

Compensation Available for Families Affected by Birth Trauma in Whistler, B.C.

As a personal injury firm, Preszler Law takes care of families who need answers following labour trauma.  A birth injury lawyer can provide free, confidential, no-obligation consultations. If you agree to work with our firm, we ask for nothing upfront. You only pay us an agreed portion of your settlement or verdict IF and WHEN we win. This percentage is regulated by the government, so you are sure to get a fair amount to cover your losses and suffering.

Through a personal injury lawsuit, you may recover damages related to diagnostic images, hospital bills, doctor copays, lost wages (for child and caregiver), medication costs, nursing care, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, personal attendant care, or specialized equipment. Canada also allows a limited recovery of up to $375,000 for “pain and suffering” on top of your tangible expenses.

Birth Injury Lawyers North of Vancouver

Our Whistler personal injury lawyers have successfully resolved thousands of cases like yours. Our founding dates back more than 60 years when Robert Preszler committed his practice to compassionate customer service for personal injury victims. Upon the success of our Ontario firms, we have recently expanded to Whistler B.C. to share our dedicated legal service with a wider audience. With local offices in surrounding areas like Surrey, Kelowna, and Kamloops, we’re never too far to provide dedicated advocacy for our clients.

Deadline for Pursuing Birth Injury Compensation

There is a “limitation period” for a lawsuit filing that varies by civil offence and province. In British Columbia, you are generally allowed two years from the age of majority, or until a child’s 21st birthday to initiate a claim. Children born after the Limitation Act (June 1, 2013) may have a limitless period to file if they are severely disabled. While it is easiest to investigate a birth injury claim right after it occurs, it is never too late to contact a birth injury lawyer to see what might be done to improve your current situation.


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