Squamish Birth Injury Lawyer

No Squamish parent should ever have to experience a catastrophic birth incident. Unfortunately, what most people consider to be the happiest day of their life can end in devastation when medical mistakes are made. The Preszler team of Squamish personal injury lawyers stand ready to defend the legal rights of families.

For the most part, birth injuries are uncommon in Canada. There are 1,000 successful births for every six infants who die during delivery. That does not mean, however, that most of those births are healthy. A significant number of children are born each year with injuries or illnesses resulting from negligent care.

If you believe you have a viable birth injury claim, reach out to a birth injury law firm right away. At Preszler Law, we understand the challenges your family is facing, and we are ready to help. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

Compensation available in a Squamish birth injury lawsuit

When it comes to birth injury claims, no two cases are identical. The medical expenses and psychological consequences will vary depending on their nature. It is important to note, however, that if you prevail in your lawsuit, you could recover compensation for past and future medical expenses.

Lost wages are also commonly sought in these cases. When a newborn suffers severe injury, many parents must take time away from work to care for them. Those missed paychecks add up, especially in the face of mounting medical bills. A compassionate birth injury lawyer might be able to help recover compensation for those lost wages. When these injuries impact a child’s ability to earn wages in the future, it is also possible to seek compensation for their diminished future earning capacity as well.

Additionally, the burdensome costs of long-term care could also qualify as damages in a birth injury case. Anything from the cost of special education to home renovations could also be available if the expenses originate from the initial injury. It is also possible to seek compensation for non-pecuniary damages like pain and suffering. However, those damages are capped at $375,000.

Our commitment to our clients

Our Squamish personal injury lawyers are committed to putting the needs of our clients first. That is why we will never charge a fee unless we are successful in your case. If you do not get paid, we will not get paid.

Transparency is the most important part of the relationship between a lawyer and their client. That is why we will never change our contingency rate during your case. You will never be asked to pay up-front fees or receive unexpected fee bills while we handle your case.

Contact the team at Preszler Law as soon as possible

When it comes to filing a birth injury lawsuit, time is of the essence. To discuss your case with a compassionate birth injury lawyer, call today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the Preszler Law Firm.

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