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Contact Preszler Law if you believe that your child suffered preventable injuries during the birth process because of medical negligence. Our Penticton personal injury lawyers offer compassionate legal representation to families in need of effective advocacy. When you need assistance navigating the complexities of litigation, you want to partner with a capable birth injury law firm that is committed to protecting your rights.

At Preszler Law, our legal team understands the overwhelming heartache and financial tolls that families face after learning that their newborn child has been harmed. When birth injuries are determined to be the direct result of medical mistakes or blatant negligence on the part of health care professionals, victims have every right to pursue compensation. Our lawyers are here to support you while we fight for the justice you and your child deserve.

Even experienced obstetricians, doctors and midwives can become careless, make mistakes, or fail to take appropriate actions during pregnancy and delivery. Were precautions taken to address a high-risk labour? Was a Cesarean section delayed for no valid reason? Did nurses continuously monitor the fetal heart rate for signs of distress? These and other elements must be thoroughly investigated to determine if malpractice occurred.

Birth injuries stemming from medical malpractice

Doctors, obstetric nurses and other medical personnel whose actions or conduct fell below the accepted standard of care can be held liable for resulting injuries. At Preszler Law, we invest the full resources of our firm in unveiling the truth and seeking appropriate damages for your child’s birth injuries.

Oxygen deprivation in the womb is a significant cause of fetal brain damage and Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). It only takes a few minutes of hypoxia to cause lasting trauma to the fetal brain, which often results in cognitive and developmental delays. If a doctor failed to order a timely C-section, or overlooked fetal tachycardia, this can constitute negligence.

Unfortunately, there are myriad possibilities for complications and fetal trauma during labour and delivery.  In such emotionally-charged situations, it’s best to explore your legal options with an experienced birth injury lawyer at Preszler Law.

Common birth injury claims we investigate include:

·        Brachial plexus injury

·        Skull and clavicle fractures

·        Bleeding and bruising from forceps or vacuum extraction

·        Cranial nerve trauma

·        Facial paralysis

·        Brain injuries from hypoxia

·        Cerebral Palsy

·        Kernicterus

·        Neonatal strokes

·        Klumpke’s Palsy

·        Shoulder dystocia

·        Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

Contact our Penticton personal injury lawyers

A severe birth injury can impact a family for life, causing tremendous emotional and financial strains. Children who are left with serious disabilities may require life-long medical care, special schooling and therapies which can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. While a settlement can never erase your child’s pain and suffering, it may be the only way to provide the medical care and ongoing treatment your little one needs.

Learn more about your rights by speaking with a Penticton birth injury lawyer today. You never have to worry about litigation costs; our clients don’t pay unless we win damages in their case.


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