Coquitlam Birth Injury Lawyer

The Canadian health care system is admired worldwide for the advanced care it provides across all medical specialties. Notwithstanding that high level of care, accidents continue to occur, and patients continue to suffer injuries as a result of medical negligence. If this has happened– you may need the assistance of Coquitlam personal injury lawyers.

Preszler Law is a birth injury law firm that represents Coquitlam residents and patients across British Columbia in lawsuits to recover damages for birth injuries as a result of a physician’s malpractice. We offer dedicated and compassionate legal services to help patients recover the compensation they deserve.

Preszler Law Provides Transparent Legal Services Throughout the Claims Process

Filing a claim for damages in a birth injury lawsuit involves several steps:

–        drafting the initial lawsuit that includes a statement of the claim;

–        evaluating the negligent physician’s response in the statement of the defence;

–        collecting and analyzing the other party’s discovery documents and materials and preparing responses to discovery requests from that party;

–        preparing and evaluating expert reports;

–        managing pretrial conferences, and mediation and settlement negotiations that might preclude the necessity to try the case;

–        trying the case and presenting all of the evidence to demonstrate the connection between a physician’s negligence and the resulting birth injuries.

When you retain a Coquitlam birth injury lawyer, you will always know where your case stands throughout the entire process. If you ever have questions about your case, you can call our law firm for updates at any time.

Injured Parties May Be Entitled to Recover Significant Damages

A knowledgeable and experienced Coquitlam birth injury lawyer will present arguments that justify the payment of full compensation for care and services. That compensation might include:

–        reimbursement for all excess medical costs and expenses;

–        the value of all future medical expenses;

–        expenses associated with hiring a personal attendant;

–        costs of special equipment, supplies, and medication;

–        occupational and rehabilitative therapy expenses;

–        salaries for caseworkers who are needed to coordinate patient care;

–        costs of necessary home and living space renovations.

You Incur No Additional Expenses When You Retain Preszler Law for Your Birth Injury Case

The Coquitlam personal injury lawyers at Preszler Law represent clients on a contingency fee basis. Our fees are paid directly out of the damages award that we recover for you. All of our services, including the filing and prosecuting of your lawsuit, negotiating a resolution of your claims, and phone or in-person consultations about your case, will be included in those fees.

Contact the Coquitlam Birth Injury Lawyers at Preszler Law for Legal Representation in Your Medical Malpractice Case

Preszler Law maintains several offices throughout British Columbia, including locations in Surrey and Burnaby to serve the residents of Coquitlam. Please see our website or call us at your earliest convenience for answers to your questions and legal representation in your birth injury case.

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