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Serious and life-altering birth injuries can occur at any point during the pregnancy, the delivery or in the first minutes of newborn care. Trauma to a baby can be caused by illness, premature delivery, delayed delivery, prolonged labour, or– in the most tragic of cases– from negligent mistakes on the part of a healthcare provider.  The Preszler team of Chilliwack personal injury lawyers is here to help.

 Birth injury lawyers serving Chilliwack

Over the last ten years, the Canadian Medical Protective Association has paid out tens of millions of dollars to families for medical malpractice that left dozens of children with disabling birth injuries. Obstetricians, nurses, doctors, midwives and delivery room staff are trained in all aspects of the birthing process and obstetric care, yet warning signs go unheeded and careless errors are still made. When negligence occurs and fetal trauma results, families have the right to seek justice.

 If you suspect that your child suffered irreparable harm because of medical negligence, you need an experienced birth injury law firm to prove your case. Chilliwack personal injury lawyers understand that parents may be reluctant to pursue litigation, especially in cases where a trusting doctor-patient relationship has been established. But when a lack of situational awareness or blatant mistakes lead to your child’s disability, and pain and suffering, legal action is one of the most effective tools for holding negligent parties accountable.

When substandard medical care results in lasting harm

At Preszler Law, we have extensive experience handling birth injury claims involving everything from shoulder dystocia and broken bones to brain damage and cerebral palsy. Our lawyers recognize the life-long repercussions that children and their parents face, which is why we are committed to achieving a full and fair recovery on your behalf.

Call our office or contact us online to schedule a private consultation with a birth injury lawyer. The initial consultation is always free, and if hired to represent your claim, there are no upfront costs. Preszler Law works with leading medical specialists who help us determine liability as we prepare a strong claim for damages.

Actions and inactions that can constitute medical malpractice include:

·        Failure to adhere to standard medical protocols and procedures

·        Failure to monitor the fetal heart rate for signs of distress

·        Failure to diagnose umbilical cord problems or entrapment

·        Failure to order a C-section when medically necessary

·        Failure to recognize fetal macrosomia (a baby weighing more than 8lbs 13 oz.)

·        Improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction during delivery

·        Excessive twisting of the baby’s head and shoulders during delivery

·        Failure to diagnose maternal infections or illnesses

·        Failure to take proactive measures to handle an at-risk birth

Parents want to ensure that their child has a good quality of life given the circumstances.  Our Chilliwack personal injury lawyers understand your heartache and will work tirelessly to ease the financial tolls associated with serious birth injuries.

Explore your legal options with a caring birth injury lawyer. Preszler Law can help you find the best way to move forward.





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