Squamish Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It’s always worth contacting a personal injury law firm for a free consultation following a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle. Even if you were “doored” by a stationary vehicle, the injuries and long-term implications could be quite severe. According to ICBC, 1 in 14 cyclist collisions involves dooring. Common injuries include head trauma, concussions, broken arms, broken teeth, and soft tissue tears. Knowing your rights in this situation is critical to making a full recovery without going bankrupt. If you’re seeking Squamish bicycle accident lawyers, you can find an expert legal team at Preszler Law.

What Causes Bike Accidents? 

Eighty percent of motor vehicle/bicycle collisions occur during the weekdays between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.

  •  15% – Motorist opened vehicle door into cyclist
  • 7% – Motorist and cyclist collided in a conflict zone (alley, parking lot, or driveway)
  • 5% – Motorist turned right at signal, failing to yield right-of-way to cyclist travelling straight
  • 1% – Cyclist was on the sidewalk and was struck entering an intersection
  • 7% – Motorist hit cyclist travelling in the same direction, sharing a lane
  • 4% – Motorist made a left-hand turn, while cyclist entered the intersection with right-of-way
  • 2% – Motorist passed straight through an intersection, striking cyclist when right-of-way was unclear
  • 9% – Motorist struck cyclist in a traffic circle
  • 6% – Motorist turned left as cyclist with right-of-way crossed at a two-way stop
  • 5% – Motorist went straight as cyclist with right-of-way crossed at a two-way stop

Most injuries occur in collisions with fixed objects. Motorists cause about 37% of injuries.

Legal Options Following A Bike/Car Accident in British Columbia 

When a motorist was involved in your cycling accident, you are covered under ICBC’s “no-fault” Part 7 benefits. Once a bicycle accident lawyer can establish that it occurred as a result of the “use or operation of a motor vehicle,” you could be entitled to:

  • Up to $300,000 in medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Up to $740/week in wage loss benefits
  • Up to $280/week in homemaker disability assistance
  • Up to $2,500 in funeral expenses
  • Up to $6,000 in survivor benefits for dependent children
  • Up to $30,000 in survivor benefits for a spouse

For some bicycle accident victims, ICBC coverage is enough. For others, road bumps in the claims process may jeopardize your ability to pay your medical expenses. ICBC may refuse to cover your claim entirely or may pay you less than what your injuries are worth. Certain types of serious injury – particularly those resulting in life-long disability – will eventually exceed the maximum policy limits of ICBC coverage.

The Squamish bicycle accident lawyers at Preszler Law can advocate on your behalf to negotiate better benefits with ICBC and also help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist if necessary. In the most disabling cases, it may be advantageous to collect ICBC benefits and file the lawsuit.

In rare cases, a criminal case can be opened against the motorist if the infliction of injury was intentional or an example of gross misconduct. Consulting with a law firm is the best way to know for sure what the next step should be. Our goal is to put you on the fast-track to recovery with a full bank account to cover all expenses. It starts with a free consultation. After that, you can hire us on a contingency basis, at no upfront cost. You only pay the standard legal fee if we recover compensation.


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