Prince George Bicycle Accident Lawyer

June through September are optimal months for bike riding throughout British Columbia. However, more riders sharing the road with cars means it’s also high season for cycling accidents. Approximately 740 cyclists are injured, and seven are killed in collisions with cars during this period each year. Every day of the summer, six cyclists seek medical attention for injuries caused by cars. Cyclists’ lack of protection puts them at risk for severe and catastrophic damage.

When you or a loved one have been affected by a bicycle accident resulting in severe injury or loss, there is no better ally than a bicycle accident lawyer from Preszler Law Firm. A free consultation with our Prince George personal injury lawyers will provide you with all the information you need to make important treatment decisions and determine if pursuing a lawsuit is the right decision for you and your family.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Prince George

If you have been in a Prince George bicycle accident:

  • Seek immediate medical attention. This may seem obvious, but sometimes you may not be sure how injured you actually are. Even if you were wearing a helmet, it is possible for you to sustain a concussion. Soft tissue sprains and strains, infections from road rash scrapes, fractured vertebrae, nerve damage, and other injuries can have subtle symptoms at first, particularly as your adrenaline is masking the pain. Seeing a doctor is the most important first step. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions and keep all follow-up appointments.
  • Contact ICBC to file a claim. Many cyclists are not aware that they can file a claim against a driver’s ICBC insurance. The claim may not cover all the costs associated with the collision, but it is a first step. Most claims allow up to two years to file. However, if you are filing a “hit-and-run” claim against a driver who fled the scene, you must start your claim within six months.
  • Contact a lawyer. If you’ve never dealt with ICBC before, you may feel more comfortable hiring a lawyer to do the negotiating for you. Personal injury lawyers with expertise in bicycle accidents do not charge any upfront fees for their clients. You only pay a government-capped lawyer fee upon the successful resolution of your claim. A lawyer can help you fight for the maximum compensation allowed by law.
  • Keep organized paperwork. Keep all your medical expenses, out-of-pocket receipts, bicycle repair or purchase bills, disability-related expenses, and work wage statements organized in one place. Take photographs of the damage and injuries to keep with your records. Jot down a detailed journal of your symptoms and doctor appointments.

Should You Hire a Bike Accident Lawyer?

While you can deal directly with the ICBC yourself, there is no guarantee that you will be treated unfairly. By working with a lawyer to make an ICBC claim for full damages, you increase your chances of negotiating a settlement that will provide you with enough money to cover medical expenses, wage losses, pain and suffering, transportation, and more. Contact us today to connect with experienced Prince George bicycle accident lawyers who understand what you’ve been through and want to help. We’ve helped many local residents just like you!

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