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Penticton is home to a number of avid cyclists. The Granfondo bike race on Highway 97 is a highly anticipated event but presents dangers with deer and motorists often sharing the road. More than a third of all British Columbia bicycling accidents (37%) involve collisions with cars. When unprotected bikers and motorists collide, the results are devastating. Cyclists hit by motor vehicles are more likely to require ambulance service, surgery, and hospitalization. In the aftermath of serious injury, a personal injury law firm can help at no upfront cost to you. You need our Preszler team of Penticton bicycle accident lawyers.

Where  and How Do Injuries Occur?

The City of Vancouver Cycling Safety Study from 2015 provides a comprehensive review of the safety of this sport and leisure activity. In summary, it reports that nearly half of all cycling injuries (48%) occur on arterial or collector streets, in locations without designated bikeways. The other half (53%) of injuries occurred in painted bicycle lanes, shared-use lanes, and bicycle paths. More than half (56%) of collisions with motor vehicles occurred at intersections – usually those with a stop sign or full traffic light.

In addition, most bicyclists (80%) are injured during a weekday commute between the hours of 4 and 7 pm. Often, a cyclist hits a pothole, curb, slippery spot, rock, or other fixed objects in the road and wipes out. However, in over a third of cases (37%), a motorist strikes the cyclist through little to no fault of the person on the bike. The most common cause of injury is a motorist “dooring” a cyclist passing by in a nearby lane. Often, cyclists are hit in alleys, parking lots, driveways, or intersections, even where they have the right-of-way.

Finally, more than half of cyclists injured in crashes (53%) are between the ages of 26-45. Another 24% are between the ages of 16-25, and 20% are 46-65. Children and seniors each account for 2% of accidents. Males were involved in two-thirds of the accidents (68%).

What Should A Cyclist Do After Being Struck By A Car?

A bicycle accident lawyer should be one of your first phone calls after seeking immediate medical attention. At no upfront cost to you, Penticton personal injury lawyers will investigate exactly what happened moments before the collision, consider issues of liability, and let you know if you have a strong case for compensation. If you choose us as your lawyer, then we will work on a contingency basis, meaning that you only owe us the standard legal fee (a maximum of 40% of the total recovery) if and when we recover money on your behalf. In that way, seeking legal representation is risk-free for injury victims.

Where To Find A Penticton Personal Injury Lawyer

Preszler Law is a personal injury law firm with experience in accidents involving motorists and cyclists. We understand what sort of defences motorists will try and the sort of long-term costs you can expect for your recovery. Many cyclists are not aware, but accident claims can be filed with ICBC insurance, even if you do not drive a motor vehicle and are not insured yourself. You can file on your own, but ICBC will likely respond with an offer within a month, causing you to wonder if they’re low-balling you– to close the matter as swiftly as possible.

Having an advocate who knows what your case is worth, and fighting for just compensation is invaluable. We serve Penticton residents out of an office in Kelowna, less than an hour north on the Okanagan Highway. Contact us to learn more about pursuing a cycling injury claim.

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