Coquitlam Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycling is a popular pastime and mode of transportation in Coquitlam, where special cycling routes have been incorporated into Rochester Avenue, Chilko Drive, Westview-Whiting, Guildford Way, and Alderson Avenue. And while bicycles are a great form of recreation, exercise and transportation, they offer cyclists very little in the way of protection if an accident with a car or truck occurs. This kind of collision can lead to catastrophic and life-threatening injuries to bicyclists.

Bicycle helmets, which are mandatory throughout British Columbia, can help reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries, but cyclists are still vulnerable to suffering road rash, joint dislocation, broken limbs, paralysis, nerve damage, dental fractures, organ damage and permanent disfigurement.

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident?

Preszler Law represents the rights of injured cyclists and their families. If you were seriously hurt in a bicycle accident, the sooner you speak to someone at a Coquitlam personal injury law firm, the better your chances of recovering full benefits. We provide a free legal consultation to discuss your case, and if you are unable to visit our law office, we can come to you.

After any cycling crash in Coquitlam, consult with a personal injury lawyer about your rights. You may be entitled to ICBC benefits for medical care and treatments, lost wages, rehabilitation, as well as those for pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Preszler Law is well-versed in cycling accident claims and can help advance it while seeking fair compensation for your past, current and anticipated losses.

Adopt good cycling habits

Bicyclists can try and increase their visibility with reflective clothing and bright headlamps, but many motorists don’t pay attention, or fail to see them. And while careless drivers are responsible for the lion’s share of bicycle accidents, road debris, potholes and poor weather conditions can also play a role.

Motor vehicles and cyclists share equal responsibilities as vehicles on Coquitlam roads. While you cannot control the actions of other drivers, you can adopt good cycling habits to improve safety.

  • Be predictable and avoid sudden or erratic movements
  • Use dedicated bicycle lanes, crosswalks and multi-use pathways
  • Be hypervigilant when passing recently parked cars, to avoid being doored
  • Have a loud bell to alert others of your presence
  • Use appropriate hand signals as needed
  • Watch for designated traffic lights just for cyclists
  • Be extra cautious at intersections, and try and make eye contact with nearby drivers

Staunch advocacy you can count on

If you have questions or need assistance from a trusted bicycle accident law firm we are a quick phone call away. Our dedicated lawyers take a client-focused approach to every case. We conduct thorough investigations, talk to witnesses, and can pinpoint driver errors such as:

  • Turning left without yielding
  • Following too closely
  • Drifting into a designated bike lane
  • Backing up or pulling out into traffic
  • Distracted driving
  • Running a traffic light or stop sign
  • Opening a vehicle door without looking

Discuss your options with an accomplished bicycle accident lawyer at Preszler Law today. We look forward to helping Coquitlam residents get the justice they deserve.



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