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Serious injuries end up costing much more than a series of digits written on a check. Some of these irreparable and irreplaceable damages include severe pain and suffering, lost joy in life during and after the recovery process, the missed time that would have been spent with family and friends instead of in a hospital bed or at physiotherapy, and the chronic aches and pains that could potentially last a lifetime. Whether you have suffered a permanently disabling injury or a severe case of whiplash, the party that was responsible for causing your injuries must be held accountable. The Vernon personal injury attorneys of Preszler Law provide experienced legal representation to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your damages.

We Serve Clients Who Have Suffered Various Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Our legal services include the following types of personal injuries:

  • Traffic Collisions: Unless you are a base jumper or polar explorer, the most dangerous thing you do is probably driving in a motor vehicle, riding your bike, or walking across a crosswalk. While car safety and crash prevention technologies have both come a long way in the past few decades, motor vehicles are still incredibly dangerous. Whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist, any injuries that you sustain as a result of another party can be compensated. Determining how the collision occurred and who is at fault are the first two steps in the process. It is important to have an experienced lawyer and investigator on your side to make sure the outcome of any investigation is accurate, and that you are compensated according to the severity of your injuries and other damages.
  • Slip and Falls: Of the 4.27 million Canadians aged 12 and up who get moderately to seriously injured each year, the majority is injured due to falls. For seniors, 63% of the injuries they sustain are caused by falls, whereas 50% of injuries sustained by young Canadians were caused by falls and 35% of injuries suffered by working-age Canadians were falls, according to Statistics Canada. When most people fall, their first reaction (after pain) is that of embarrassment and self-directed anger or annoyance. While it is true that most slips, trips, and falls are no-one else’s fault, this is not always the case, especially when you fall in a premises that was not safe. Whether it was a wet floor, cracked tiles, or lack of a hand railing that caused your fall, a lawyer will get to the bottom of it and figure out who is liable for your injuries.
  • Product Liability: Defective products are all around us. Fortunately, most of them never cause any injury at all, let alone a trip to the hospital. But when a defective product, such as a dangerously designed child’s toy or poorly crafted chair, causes an injury, the manufacturer or designer of that product can be held financially accountable for your or your loved one’s injuries. Defective products cause a wide range of injuries, including choking, electrocution, broken bones, lacerations, whiplash, burns, and much more.
  • Medical Mistakes: According to the National Post, up to 70,000 hospital patients undergo a serious and preventable injury due to medical mistakes every year, and up to 23,000 Canadian adults treated in acute care hospitals die due to preventable medical errors, or “adverse events.” Errors made in hospitals and by physicians are an unfortunate reality of life. After all, even the best doctors are still human, and therefore prone to making mistakes. However, this does not excuse the error and your resulting injuries.

For What can I be Compensated?

The amount of compensation that you receive depends on a wide array of factors. These include the experience and knowledge of your lawyer, the liability insurance policy of the other party, the percentage of fault on either side, and more. You can be compensated for the following:

Long-term Disability?

In addition to claims for personal injury, our lawyers also handle cases involving unfair insurance denials.

Many people have insurance policies through their workplaces that provide income replacement if they are not able to work due to a medical condition. Unfortunately, insurance companies often unfairly deny these claims when people need them most. All of our lawyers are experienced in handling long-ter disability claims to either get our clients lump sum pay outs or to get their benefits reinstated.

Call the Vernon Personal Injury Lawyers of Preszler Law Today for Help

You got stuck with a serious injury due to another party’s negligence. You should not have to get stuck with the financial costs of another’s negligence, as well. To take action at once, reach out to the experienced personal injury attorneys of Preszler Law for assertive legal representation of your right to recoup your significant medical, pain and suffering, and lost wage damage. Feel free to give us a call today at 1-844-373-8202.

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