Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Burnaby

Motorcycle accidents can cause a significant amount of physical, emotional, and financial harm. If you or your loved one suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident in Burnaby, you have the right to seek financial recovery. Our Burnaby motorcycle accident lawyers can explain your legal rights and guide you through the process of filing a claim.

At Preszler Law, we have been protecting the rights of accident victims for over 55 years. We will investigate your accident, help file your claim, and take aggressive actions to ensure you receive fair and full compensation for your damages and losses.

Call us today at 1-844-373-8202 to arrange a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to tell us your story and get answers to your most pressing questions. Even if you do not hire us, we want you to be informed about the legal process so you can make the right decisions regarding your case.

What options for financial recovery do I have after a motorcycle accident?

There are two types of claims you may be able to file to recover damages and losses resulting from your motorcycle accident:

  • First-party ICBC claim– You have the option to file a no-fault claim with ICBC (often called a Part 7 claim) and recover basic Accident Benefits. You do not have to prove anyone else’s fault; you only have to demonstrate the extent of your injuries and need for compensation. These benefits are limited to $150,000 in medical benefits and $300/week in income loss benefits.
  • Third-party ICBC claim – If a driver caused your accident, you also have the right to file a claim against ICBC through the driver’s liability insurance. These types of cases are also referred to as negligence claims or personal injury lawsuits. To win your case, you will need to prove not only your injuries but also that the other party was at fault. These claims are a little more challenging, but you can obtain a more fulsome recovery than with a first-party claim.

What types of damages can I recover?

Motorcycle accidents can cause life-changing injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, multiple fractures, and major burns and scarring. You or your loved one may require extensive and expensive long-term treatment and be unable to work for an extended period. It is critical to secure adequate benefits not just for the time being, but for your future needs as well.

When you work with Preszler Law, we will seek to recover every dollar you’re entitled to under the law. Some of the losses we can help you recover include:

Do I need a Burnaby motorcycle accident lawyer?

Enlisting the help of a Burnaby motorcycle accident lawyer can greatly improve the likelihood of a successful claim. We can:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of your accident to determine its cause and identify the responsible parties.
  • Interview eyewitnesses and seek consultations with experts to gather the evidence necessary to support your claim.
  • Work with your treating physicians to identify your current and future medical expenses relating to your accident injuries.
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company and lawyers.
  • Take whatever steps necessary to ensure you receive fair and full compensation.

If ICBC denies your claim or fails to offer you a fair settlement, we will be prepared to seek justice for you in court, though the vast majority of cases settle well before trial.

Speak with a Burnaby Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Free

There is generally a strict two-year time limit on filing a motorcycle accident claim in British Columbia. It is wise to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer about your next steps as soon as possible.

If you would like us to evaluate your case at no cost, contact us at 1-844-373-8202 to get started. Our ultimate goal is to help accident victims and their families secure the money they need to take care of their needs in the wake of a tragic accident. And we do not think legal costs should prevent you from doing so. Our firm offers free consultations to every injured motorcycle rider or their family members in Burnaby, as well as a “No Win, No Pay” guarantee, which means you pay nothing unless we secure an award on your behalf.

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