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A trip and fall accident can result in serious physical and financial harm. A simple stumble and fall can lead to injuries that require extensive medical care, including facial and dental injuries, hip fractures, head trauma, and back and tailbone injuries. Wrist and arm injuries are not uncommon, either.

When your fall occurred on another party’s property, you may be able to collect compensation for your losses, including your medical bills and lost wages.

Preszler Law can help. Since 1959, we have been assisting people with their trip and fall injury claims. It is our primary goal to help our clients obtain the maximum compensation they are entitled to by law. Contact us to see how we may be of help to you: 1-844-373-8202.

Can I recover compensation for my trip and fall?

British Columbia law provides that when people are hurt on another party’s property as a result of that party’s negligence, the injured victims can seek reimbursement for their losses.

Both private and commercial property owners have a legal duty of care to visitors and patrons. They have a legal obligation to maintain their property and keep it reasonably safe so that no one sustains injury. If they do not uphold their duty, the law considers it negligence, and victims can hold them liable for any resulting damages.

Examples of negligence in trip and fall claims include:

  • Uneven flooring.
  • Rips in the carpet.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Unmarked holes in the ground.
  • Loose porch floorboards.
  • Unmarked ledges.
  • Stairways with broken handrails or steps.
  • Merchandise or items left in walkways.
  • Power cords or other trip hazards laying around.

What types of losses can I recover if I win my case?

Because there are numerous losses — both tangible and intangible — that might be available in your trip and fall claim, you will want to have a lawyer assess the value of your case to ensure your list of damages is thorough and comprehensive.

Below are just some of the losses and expenses a claim can cover:

  • Current and future medical and rehabilitation expenses.
  • Transportation expenses for medical care.
  • Loss of income, loss capacity to work, loss of job perks.
  • Loss of housekeeping abilities.
  • Emotional harm, psychological injuries, pain and suffering.
  • Miscellaneous expenses related to the injury, such as updating your home to accommodate your injury/disability.

What steps should I take to preserve my legal rights after a trip and fall accident?

There are a few things you can do after a trip and fall accident to preserve and benefit your claim:

  • Collect all available pertinent evidence, such as photos of the hazard that caused your fall.
  • Write down the names and phone numbers of anyone that saw you fall.
  • Report the accident to the property owner.
  • Contact a trip and fall accident lawyer for help filing a claim with the appropriate insurance company.

Gathering and evaluating this evidence can be difficult, especially when you are trying to keep your life on track after an injury. Do not worry. Our team regularly works with experts to analyze evidence, discover fault, and prove liability.

Can I still file a claim if the owner was a family member?

If you tripped and fell at a family member’s or a friend’s home, you can still file a claim with his homeowner’s or renter’s insurance company. You do not have to worry about it being financially burdensome for your friend or family member because in most cases everything is covered by the insurance company — that is what liability insurance is for.

You will not even deal with the friend or family member directly. We handle the entire claim for you.

How much time do I have to file a claim?

The law stipulates that you have two years from the date you discovered your injuries to file a claim or take legal action. Usually, this will mean two years from the date you fell. There are much shorter notice periods for cases against municipalities. If you try to file a trip and fall claim after the deadline has passed, your claim is likely barred.

You can safeguard your interests by taking your case to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Get a free consultation with a Kelowna trip and fall lawyer.

At Preszler Law, our clients are our top priority. Our entire practice is centered on helping injured people and their families with their legal needs and securing maximum recovery. When you work with our firm, we can help with all aspects of your trip and fall case, from collecting evidence of negligence to negotiating for a fuller settlement.

Clients love the care and attention we provide and the determination we bring to the table. They also appreciate our “you don’t pay unless we win” fee policy, which translates into no up front legal fees for you when you use our services.

We provide free consultations, too. Call 1-844-373-8202 to schedule a consult with a trip and fall accident lawyer in Kelowna today.

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