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Cars and pedestrians do not mix well, and unfortunately for pedestrians, when collisions do occur, the injuries are completely one-sided. This not only leaves the injured pedestrian in a much more vulnerable state of mind than the other party, but also creates the opportunity for the driver to fabricate a lie or excuse about how the collision occurred. The pedestrian is put in a powerless position as the driver gives the false statement to the police during the traffic accident investigation, while you, the pedestrian, are already in a hospital bed. A lawyer can help your voice be heard and your side of the story explained. Our Victoria pedestrian lawyers at the Preszler Law Firm will hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions, whether they admit to fault or not.

Determining Fault in Victoria Pedestrian Collisions

It may have seemed like it was your fault at first, but most cases of pedestrian collisions are the fault of the driver. When you are hit as a pedestrian, your first reaction may be to quickly leave the scene (if you are able to walk) because our natural instinct is to flee when we get injured. It is vital to stay at the scene and give an official statement to the police if you are able to. A lawyer will be able to advocate on your behalf if you were unable to give a statement due to being in the hospital. Every pedestrian-motor vehicle collision should be thoroughly investigated by a lawyer, the police, and accident reconstructionists. Even if you were able to get up and walk away from the crash, your soft tissue injuries may come back to cause serious pain in the days and weeks following the traumatic incident. It is not too late to take legal action so that the at fault driver is held responsible.

Conditions and Driving Behaviors that Lead to Hitting Pedestrians

  • Driver Distraction: Quite possibly the most dangerous person behind the wheel of a car is a distracted person. Distracted drivers commonly fail to yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street, veer onto the shoulder or even the sidewalk while looking down at their phone, and can run stop signs and pedestrian crossings because they are not paying attention to what is directly in front of them.
  • Low Visibility: Pedestrians are much more likely to be hit during the early morning, evening, or night than during daylight hours. In fact, according to CBC News over 40% of motor vehicle collisions that cause pedestrian injuries or fatalities occur from October to January. This is due to shorter daylight time, and more time of darkness. However, drivers have the responsibility and duty to thoroughly check for pedestrians when going through a crosswalk or turning into a parking lot or driveway that crosses a sidewalk. Low light does not excuse a driver’s liability in any type of pedestrian collision.
  • Speeding/Impatient Driving: There is a common misconception that drivers have the sole right to the road, and that pedestrians and other vulnerable road users are just slowing down traffic and should either yield the right of way or pay the consequences. Drivers may not say this directly, but it is in the back of many people’s minds. Speeding, impatient driving, and road rage all lead to pedestrian injuries and fatalities when the driver fails in his or her duty to treat others with care.

Serious Injuries Suffered by Pedestrians Struck by Motor Vehicles

While drivers have the luxury of new safety technology and crash avoidance gadgets, resulting in fewer driver deaths and injuries, pedestrian fatalities have remained stagnant over the past five years, according to CBC News. Pedestrian injuries tend to be extremely serious, and include the following:

A Victoria Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can Help You Today

If you were hit by a car, truck, or bus, you deserve compensation for your out-of-pocket medical expenses, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, lost earning ability, and much more. We strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of an experienced Victoria pedestrian accident lawyer to make sure that you are compensated fairly. We advocate strongly on behalf of our clients, and ensure that they are treated seriously and with dignity throughout the settlement or lawsuit process. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with a Preszler Law lawyer today by calling 1-844-373-8202.

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