Long-term Disability Claims in Burnaby

Suffering a disability can be a life-changing experience, preventing a person from doing everything from performing self-care to working and earning an income to providing for a family, and more. This is why if a person suffers a disability, recovering disability benefits is so critical. Unfortunately, well-deserving applicants are often denied the benefits to which they are entitled, leaving them with numerous questions about how to support themselves moving forward.

At the offices of the Preszler Law Firm, our disability lawyers in Burnaby understand the importance of disability benefits and can aid you in your claim for compensation. For a free consultation with our Burnaby disability law firm, please call us today.

You Deserve Disability Benefits

There are a number of conditions that may render a person disabled, ranging from health conditions like fibromyalgia or depression to injuries that are the result of acute trauma, such as a spinal cord injury or concussions following an accident. In any case, disability insurance is designed to provide an affordable way to protect your income if you are injured or ill and unable to work. Benefits are designed to cover both physical and psychological conditions that are disabling and are meant to provide a monthly benefit to compensate a person for lost income.

Why Disability Claims are Denied

Even if you believe that you are entitled to disability benefits when you are unable to work, an insurance company may not be so quick to agree; insurance companies can be focused on minimizing claimants’ benefits to save the insurance company money. As such, we commonly see claims for disability benefits denied if you:

  • Cannot provide expert opinion and medical evidence that substantiates your disabling condition;
  • Fail to follow your physician’s instructions;
  • You have an “invisible injury” such as chronic pain conditions, psychological injuries, or concussions;
  • Do not bring forth your claim for benefits within the proper amount of time;
  • Are caught doing something that contradicts your claim of disability; or
  • Claim a disability that is difficult to prove, such as chronic pain.

Insurance companies may take advantage of claimants’ ignorance to get away with paying less than they should. It is always best to speak with a lawyer if your claim is denied.

How Our Burnaby Disability Lawyers can Help

If you have been involved in an accident that leaves you disabled, or if you are suffering from a disabling health condition, you should call our law firm immediately to learn how our Burnaby disability lawyers can help you to recover the disability benefits you deserve. Our legal team works hard to protect your right to benefits, and can help you by:

  • Immediately reviewing your insurance policy to identify your obligations to your insurer, and your insurer’s obligations to you;
  • Hiring medical experts who can examine you and review your case to provide evidence of your disability;
  • Thoroughly documenting your condition;
  • Gathering evidence to support your claim;
  • Ensuring your claim is filed within the required time frame (the statute of limitations in British Columbia may prevent you from recovering disability benefits if you wait too long to file); and
  • Representing you in all interactions with the insurance company.

In addition to providing you with representation immediately following a disability, we can also aid you in appealing a denied disability claim. Further, we can also aid you in applying for disability assistance through the government of British Columbia and the federal government.

Why Work with Our Burnaby Disability Lawyers

Suffering a disability can be a life-changing experience, especially when a disability prevents you from working and earning and income and is the result of a traumatic and unexpected accident. When this happens, you may not have time to wait; you need disability benefits now.

When you work with our Burnaby disability lawyers, we will work diligently and quickly to get you the benefits you deserve. We are a client-focused law firm that always puts people over profits. Not only do we work hard on your behalf, but we require no upfront or hourly legal fees; instead, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not collect a fee unless your case is resolved in your favor.

Our law firm was founded in 1959, which means that we have nearly 60 years of experience representing the disabled. If you are looking for a lawyer who you can trust to put you first, call our law offices today. A consultation with our law firm is free of charge. You can schedule your first appointment by sending us a message, or calling 1-800-JUSTICE now.

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