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Recovering from a Burnaby car accident often requires more than getting proper care. Stress about your well being, future, and finances can make the recovery process more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, you likely qualify for insurance benefits from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to help ease some or all of your financial needs.

The Preszler Law Firm in Burnaby works with accident victims to ensure they get the compensation they deserve from ICBC. Call us today at 1-844-373-8202 to schedule your free initial consultation with an ICBC lawyer Burnaby, or to learn more about your options for compensation.

What should I do after a Burnaby car accident?

  • Discuss your accident case with an experienced Burnaby ICBC lawyer at Preszler Law before you report it to the ICBC if possible. Though you could file your claim on your own, doing so is not recommended as you expose yourself to tactics commonly used by the ICBC’s adjusters to reduce the value of your claim.
  • Do not sign any insurance forms or agree to give a recorded statement or accept a settlement offer until you seek legal advice. You may unknowingly say something damaging during a recorded statement that can later reduce the value of your claim. Additionally, it is not wise to accept a settlement offer before you have completed a full assessment.

How do ICBC claims work in Burnaby?

There are two types of ICBC claims: accident benefits and third-party tort claims. If you and only you caused the crash, then the most common route for compensation is to file an claim based on your own no-fault accident benefits coverage.

If you suffered because another motorist was negligent and caused the accident, you can file a third-party claim — sometimes called a tort claim — against the at-fault driver’s ICBC policy. This type of claim awards compensation above and beyond what is available through your accident benefits policy. Damages include:

  • Additional wage loss damages, past and present;
  • Pain and suffering damages;
  • Damages for your decreased ability to do household chores; and,
  • Other accident-related out-of-pocket expenses.

An ICBC lawyer in Burnaby can help you determine the best option for receiving full compensation to cover your losses. Once you file the appropriate claim, an ICBC adjuster will investigate your accident to determine fault and the value of your damages. Your lawyer will work to collect evidence to strengthen your claim and share it with the adjuster.

After assigning fault and valuing your claim, the ICBC adjuster typically offers a settlement. Preszler Law will review ICBC’s offer to determine if the amount covers your losses. If the settlement offer is too low, we will demand a higher amount of compensation and begin aggressive negotiations with ICBC. Our goal is maximum and fair compensation.

How much is my ICBC claim worth?

Here are some factors that also play a role in valuing an ICBC claim, including:

  • Lost wages;
  • Temporary or permanent disabilities;
  • The need for ongoing medical care;
  • Loss to your household for housekeeping and other chores;
  • Contribution of family members to your care; and
  • Out-of-pocket expenses.

The key to ensuring you receive maximum compensation from ICBC is having a Burnaby car accident lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can guide you through the process, identify your options for compensation, gather testimony from accident reconstructionists and expert witnesses, review your records, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Without qualified legal support, you may receive a far smaller that you are entitled.

Speak with a Burnaby ICBC Lawyer Today at No Cost

Preszler Law handles all Burnaby car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay nothing until we secure an award on your behalf. Call us today at 1-844-373-8202 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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