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Car accidents are occurring at an alarming rate, despite ever-advancing safety technology. The financial ramifications of a collision that you did not cause, whether you are a driver, passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist, should not be put upon your shoulders. Serious injuries incurred in traffic collisions call for serious legal action against the negligent party that drifted out of their lane, hit you from behind, or cut you off at an intersection. Assuming another party was responsible, however the collision occurred, an experienced West Kelowna accident lawyer should not only be able to prove their negligence, but recover significant damages for you, as well. The West Kelowna accident lawyers of the Preszler Law Firm have experience in all types of traffic collision cases, and have helped countless clients in British Columbia receive large settlements, as well as win lawsuits when a settlement is not an option and going to court becomes a necessity.

Damages You are Entitled to as a Traffic Collision Victim

The costs of a traffic collision in West Kelowna vary, but you can expect to recover some or all of the following damages when your injuries are moderate to severe in nature:

Assessing the Cause of the Crash

In order to prove liability, you must be able to show how the crash occurred. Typically, a police report will vindicate the innocent driver, though this is unfortunately not always the case. Sometimes, accident reports created by law enforcement will be inconclusive, place some blame on both parties, or place liability on the wrong party all together. In these instances it is vital to gather evidence and truly decipher what happened so that:

  • You are not blamed for causing a crash that was not your fault;
  • The other driver is found fully negligent, so that shared negligence does not impact the amount of compensation to which you are entitled; and
  • An inconclusive or poorly carried out report does not interfere with your claim.

We work closely not only with law enforcement, but with crash scene reconstructionists, expert witnesses, eyewitnesses, and other professionals to conduct investigations when necessary. Sometimes the cause of the crash is known from the beginning, and no investigation is needed. In other instances, the success of your entire case may rest on such an investigation.

Contributing Factors to West Kelowna Traffic Collisions

While traffic collisions have decreased drastically in the past few decades thanks to better enforcement, seat belt use, airbags, and other safety features, over the past couple of years, the decline in deaths has stagnated. In fact, there were more fatalities in 2016 than the previous two years, according to statista.com. The Coroner’s Findings for British Columbia found that “driver factors” caused the vast majority of deaths on the road, and that the leading “driver factors” that lead to traffic fatalities include the following

  • Driver impairment due to alcohol, illegal drugs, over the counter drugs, and prescription drugs;
  • Speed (going over the speed limit);
  • Distraction, which is “the voluntary or involuntary diversion of attention from activities critical for safe driving;” and
  • Fatigue, which is simply falling asleep at the wheel, driving with insufficient rest, or sleepiness.

While in all of these cases the negligent driver did not necessarily mean to cause a crash, their actions are best described as negligent choices, not accidents. Therefore, we believe that all traffic collisions caused by reckless or careless drivers must be legally pursued on behalf of the innocent victims for maximum damages. Holding the negligent party accountable will enable the injured party to enjoy some semblance of justice, as well as a bare minimum of financial peace of mind.

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You may be entitled to damages for your pain and suffering, lost wages, out of pocket medical expenses, ongoing medical expenses, lost earning ability, loss of joy of life, property damage, and more. However, will likely have trouble recovering these damages unless you work with a West Kelowna accident lawyer who will assertively pursue the maximum compensation possible through strong negotiations and filing a lawsuit if necessary. Contact the passionate accident lawyers here with the Preszler Law firm today at 1-844-373-8202 to set up a free consultation.

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