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Slip and fall accidents caused by hazardous conditions on a property can lead to severe injuries and even death for victims. The most serious incidents may involve traumatic brain injury, fractures, concussions, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, and similar harm. If you are a victim, you may suffer tremendously, though not always just from the physical pain. The costs of medical treatment can be staggering, you may be out of work, and the accident may result in long-term disability. You may be entitled to compensation from the property owner after a slip and fall incident, but the idea of pursuing a claim is overwhelming when you are working on the healing process.

Our slip and fall lawyers at the Preszler Law Firm help take the burden of filing an injury claim off your shoulders. Since 1959, we have been advocating on behalf of victims hurt after suffering a fall due to unsafe conditions on property. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to assist with your case because these types of accidents are the core of our practice. Please call us at 1-844-373-8202 to schedule a consultation, and read on for some helpful information about slip and fall cases.

Penticton Slip and Fall Attorneys Put Your Needs First

Slip and fall claims fall under the legal concept of premises liability, which holds certain entities and individuals responsible for injuries that result from dangerous conditions. Under British Columbia’s Occupiers Liability Act, owners and occupiers have a duty to ensure that the premises is reasonably safe for others. The theory is that owners are in a better position to identify and protect against hazards, as compared to others who may enter upon the property.

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents occur when owners and occupiers fail to adhere to their legal duty. You may have a claim to recover compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Typically, you would pursue the insurance company that provides coverage for the property, similar to a car accident case. Insurance providers are businesses, so adjusters meticulously scrutinize these claims and may even attempt to place blame upon you. They are always looking for reasons to deny compensation and protect their profits.

Under the circumstances, it is critical to work with our Preszler Law slip and fall lawyers. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights, so we diligently investigate the property and pinpoint unsafe conditions that played a role in your accident. With our assistance, your slip and fall claim will include the documentary evidence necessary to support your right to compensation from a negligent property owner.

Common Slip and Fall Scenarios

The following are some common causes of slip and fall accidents:

  • Insufficient lighting at night or in dark spaces;
  • Broken or uneven stairs;
  • Staircases without secure railings;
  • Potholes and cracks in driveways and walkways;
  • Bumpy flooring;
  • Unsecure tile, linoleum, or carpet that causes a trip hazard;
  • Straying wires around electrical outlets, lighting, and computers;
  • Equipment, debris, or other items blocking exits, entryways, and aisles;
  • Invisible hazards or those that are difficult to spot due to obstructed view;
  • Failure to comply with building code regulations and rules established by the City of Penticton Building Department; and,
  • Many other factors.

Note that a property owner’s duty to ensure a safe premises also extends to conducting regular inspections. A party cannot claim ignorance of a dangerous condition by refusing to take a look around to spot hazards and do something about them. In addition, an owner or occupier of property may have a duty to post signs to warn others of unsafe conditions.

Another special consideration in premises liability cases is where a slip and fall accident occurs because the property owner did attempt to remedy a dangerous condition, but did so negligently. An example would be shoveling snow out of a walkway and depositing it in a spot that blocks an exit. Property owners must exercise due care even they know of a hazard and try to fix it.

Learn About Your Rights from a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Penticton

You do have the right to recover compensation after suffering injuries in a slip and fall accident, but these cases present many challenges. It can be difficult to obtain proof to support your claim if it occurred in a location that you do have control over. Our lawyers at the Preszler Law Firm know the tools and tricks to obtain the necessary evidence because we have been handling slip and fall cases since we first opened. Please contact us at 1-844-373-8202 or visit us online to schedule a free, no-obligations consultation today.

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