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Walking is one of the healthiest ways to travel. Unfortunately, Canadian cities are better designed for motorists than they are for pedestrians. Anywhere from 19 to 37 pedestrians are struck by cars in Kamloops each year. Most accidents occur at major intersections like Tranquille Road and 12th Street on the North Shore, Notre Dame Drive and Summit Drive in Sahali, and Seymour Street and Fourth Avenue downtown.

If you’re injured as a pedestrian in Kamloops, you might be entitled to compensation. Seek dedicated local representation from our personal injury law firm serving the residents of Kamloops out of our office in Kelowna, a few hours south. Our firm’s 60+ year history of handling ICBC claims, insurance denials, pedestrian accidents, and other personal injury matters with compassionate customer service and successful outcomes assures you that you’re in good hands. Preszler Law is there when you need us.

Should you call a personal injury lawyer?

Kamloops pedestrians have very little to protect themselves from devastating injuries if they’re struck by a 4,000-pound motor vehicle while out walking. Most pedestrians injured by cars suffer broken bones, crushed limbs, internal organ damage, joint injuries, and trauma to the head, back, and spine. These injuries can take weeks or months to recover from or may even result in a lifelong disability.

Chances are, you never saw it coming and don’t know what the motorist was doing or thinking at the moment of impact. A personal injury lawyer from our firm can interview the driver, eyewitnesses, and police officers, obtain surveillance footage, and consult with accident reconstructionists to determine what happened. If you have reason to believe the driver was negligent, breaking the law, or purposefully aiming for you, a pedestrian accident law firm can help establish liability to ensure you receive maximum compensation from ICBC.

Keep in mind the ICBC is like any insurance company—protecting their bottom line. They may pressure you into signing away your right to sue and accepting a fast settlement offer that undervalues your total losses and leaves you struggling financially, saddled with hefty future medical bills you can’t afford.

Who is liable for pedestrian accidents?

Even if you were jaywalking, failing to cross with the light, or texting and walking, you might be able to seek some compensation for your losses. ICBC may reduce the total amount paid based on your degree of liability, which is why hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer is so important.

The other motorist is most commonly determined to be negligent. Failure to yield the right-of-way and distracted driving are some of the most common contributors to pedestrian-vehicle collisions. Sometimes drivers are drowsy, on their cell phones, aggressively maneuvering, or driving under the influence. In most cases, the driver is riding on the shoulder, speeding, tailgating, zipping through a red light, failing to use a signal, or committing some other type of traffic infraction in the moments just before impact.

Drivers aren’t always responsible for pedestrian accidents in Kamloops. Other causes may include city-related liabilities like malfunctioning lights, poorly maintained sidewalks, limited visibility due to uncleared brush, poor lighting, potholes, or failure to take action to remedy a known safety hazard.

Depending on your unique set of circumstances, you may be able to seek compensation from a negligent bus driver, transit company, bicyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or auto manufacturer of a defective vehicle. Our Kamloops pedestrian accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate to identify who might shoulder or share the blame. Then we’ll pursue compensation from anyone who caused your injuries.

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