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Nathaniel is an experienced trial lawyer with Preszler Injury Lawyers BC. Nathaniel has a varied litigation background, with extensive past experience trying major criminal cases, as well as considerable past experience acting on ICBC’s behalf in motor vehicle accident related matters.

Prior to joining Preszler Injury Lawyers, Nathaniel spent several years working for a well-respected ICBC insurance defence firm. He now pursues a plaintiff-only practice in which he is passionate about representing people, not corporations. A true trial lawyer, Nathaniel loves being in court. He believes that intense trial preparation on every case is the key to a successful outcome, either by way of settlement or trial.

Nathaniel’s trial and appellate experience includes:

  • Bhumrah v. McLeary, 2021 BCSC 560, Nathaniel represented a client who was “80-90% improved” at the time of trial and was still awarded over $200,000 in damages, more than 5 times what ICBC offered to settle for.
  • Besteman v. Landriault, 2021 BCSC (unreported), Nathaniel represented a client who was injured in a collision while making a left hand turn on a yellow light.  The court found the other driver 100% at fault, despite the other driver having two expert engineering reports reconstructing the collision.
  • Brownmiller v. Thomas, 2021 BCSC 290, Nathaniel acted as lead counsel and obtained a judgment which not only exceeded ICBC’s offer to settle, but which was almost $100,000 more than the plaintiff had offered to settle for.  The trial judge also commented that “plaintiff’s counsel should also be commended for the best-organized materials this judge has seen to date on this court.”
  • Bhumrah v. McLeary, 2021 BCSC 285, Nathaniel acted as lead counsel and obtained a judgment which was 4x what ICBC offered to settle for, with the judge awarding earning capacity based on a 5% impairment;
  • Ayala v. City of Kelowna, 2020 CanLII 60083 (BC WCAT), Nathaniel acted as counsel for a worker who broke her wrist as a result of a negligently maintained sidewalk.  He successfully opposed the defendant’s application to have the lawsuit dismissed by virtue of the Workers Compensation Act, allowing his client to be fairly compensated for her injuries;
  • MacAlpine v. Funk, 2020 BCSC 1225, Nathaniel acted as lead counsel for a client who disputed his former law firm’s legal bill, and had the bill successfully reduced from $87,500 to $22,750, with the client additionally being awarded costs of the proceeding;
  • Duffy v. Dutt, 2020 BCSC 995, a soft tissue damage case where $20,000 was awarded for future massage treatment, and $55,000 for pain and suffering, surpassing ICBC’s offer to settle;
  • Dale v. Vickers, 2019 BCSC 821, a difficult and complex motor vehicle accident case where the plaintiff was awarded an amount more than three times ICBC’s formal offer to settle;
  • Roberts v. Morgan, 2019 BCSC, a difficult wrongful death jury trial where Nathaniel acted as lead counsel and obtained a verdict surpassing ICBC’s formal offer to settle;
  • Janda v. Mackenzie, 2018 BCSC 168, a complex motor vehicle accident case involving the testimony of numerous Orthopaedic Experts;
  • Parker v. Martin, 2017 BCSC 1161, a motor vehicle accident case involving the testimony of an expert Cardiologist on the effect of an intervening heart attack on the loss of earning capacity claim;
  • Willow Beach Developments Ltd. v. Silverstone, 2017 BCSC 2562, a complex Summary Trial involving damages for trespass, a court ordered final injunction, and an order for vacant possession of land.
  • Lui v. Transportation Investment Corporation, 2016 BCSC 827, a proposed class action brought against the operators of the Port Mann Bridge regarding late payment fees and the charging of criminal interest;
  • R. v. Nguyen et al., 2014 BCPC 95, infamous “Vietnam Travel” money laundering case where full acquittals were obtained in one of the biggest money laundering cases in BC history.
  • R. v. Magalong, 2013 BCCA 478, a leading case from the B.C. Court of Appeal on language rights for detainees in police custody;
  • R. v. Morley, 2013 BCSC 463, a highly complex customs case involving alleged violations of the Federal Customs Act;
  • R. v. To, 2012 BCPC 49; one of the few reported cases involving a stay of proceedings for Marijuana Cultivation based on unreasonable delay;
  • Other complex criminal cases, including jury acquittals as lead counsel; and
  • Other motor vehicle accident cases.

In total, he has conducted over 125 trials as lead counsel, including jury and non-jury cases.

Nathaniel was also awarded the 2014 Dugald Christie Award by Access Pro Bono BC in recognition of his commitment to providing pro bono legal services to those in need of legal advice.

Outside of the office, Nathaniel enjoys playing Adult Safe Hockey, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his wife and two young children.





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