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Preszler Law Firm was founded in 1959 and since then we have expanded to become a national personal injury law firm with offices in multiple provinces. Our objective is to provide our clients with quality, comprehensive legal services for personal injury victims in a timely and efficient manner.

At Preszler Law Firm – our New Westminster ICBC lawyers have helped thousands of clients recover compensation from insurance companies whether they were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident, injured on another’s property or bitten by a dog. Our New Westminster ICBC lawyers help manage the entire process from dealing with the insurance companies all the way to obtaining compensation for our clients’ injuries. Call us today for a free consultation and speak directly with a member of our legal team and get the compensation you deserve.


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How Can AN ICBC Lawyer Help Me?

There are many advantages to hiring a New Westminster ICBC lawyer. Insurers always have a self-interested financial motive. Their shareholders benefit when policyholders do not. They are also run by humans so are prone to making mistakes. There are a number of reasons why it’s beneficial to have an injury lawyer on your side. Hiring an ICBC lawyer will increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

Insurers may use your statements against you

Using certain statements such as “I didn’t see the other driver” or “I am not sure how fast I was driving” can be misconstrued by the insurance companies to suggest responsibility on your part for the accident, even if the accident was not your fault. Insurance companies also use omissions from your statements – i.e. not including a piece of information, such as every single symptom you suffer from the accident – against you by arguing that the omission is evidence that you are not a reliable witness. By hiring an injury lawyer you do not need to worry about speaking with insurance company adjusters or agents – we speak to the insurance company on your behalf. We are careful to ensure that statements given to the insurance company are accurate and cannot be unfairly misconstrued in a way that hurts your case. We have over 60 years in dealing with insurance companies for clients across Canada – so let us put our experience to work for you.

Insurers may try to get your medical records

The insurance company is allowed to access to some but not all of your medical records. Insurance companies regularly ask for more records than they are legally entitled to, including very personal records involving health conditions unrelated to your accident. In these cases, the insurance company is often fishing to find something in your file that they can blame your injuries on – unrelated to the accident. It is best to have an injury lawyer review these documents first before you sign.

Insurers will try to get you to settle for less

Insurance companies know that many accident victims panic with the expenses they experience following their accident. Some insurance companies take advantage by offering lowball settlements, knowing victims are desperate for money. Do not fall for this trick. Only after a prognosis of your injuries and consultations with an experienced injury lawyer and medical experts will you know the true value of your case. Some injuries – including whiplash – never heal and go on to cause large medical bills and lost income in the long-term. Let us review any settlement offers, compile necessary evidence to identify the value of your case, and negotiate for an amount that covers your full damages.

An accident is already stressful enough. Unfortunately, some insurance companies only add to that stress with pushy questions or demands or by delaying your case. Let our injury lawyers talk to the insurance company and address its questions and demands on your behalf. Contact us today for a FREE consultation with any of our New Westminster ICBC lawyers.

Obtaining a fair resolution

Insurance companies and their representatives may challenge your claims even if they have merit. Hiring an injury lawyer ensures that your best interests are put first and will legally help you get the compensation you rightly deserve.

Our injury lawyers will 1) investigate and gather evidence 2) work with and secure testimony from expert witnesses, including specialist doctors 3) take care of all legal documents and paperwork 4) explain your rights and responsibilities in a way that is easy to understand 5) calculate the real value of your case so you don’t get shortchanged by the insurance company 6) negotiate with insurers for a fair settlement and 7) litigate your case in court if necessary to pursue full and fair compensation.



Thank you for your advice, guidance and support during my recent legal action. I appreciate all your efforts on my behalf. I would highly recommend your services. – P.P

The day I came down to your office to find out what my offer would be, I was speechless and entirely overwhelmed. I never would have expected that amount. Again thank you very much – JP

How Long Will It Take For Your Case To Settle?

This answer depends on the complexity of your case and the severity of your injuries. For most motor vehicle accidents – it takes between 1-3 years in order to achieve a fair resolution. Generally, we wait until you have reached your maximum medical recovery. It is our obligation to you and your family to ensure that we fully appreciate the extent and severity of your injuries. We must also know the effect your injuries have on your future and your ability to work or function. If you recover quickly, however, we are more likely to be able to settle your case quickly. Each case is different.

Contact our personal injury law firm today and speak with a member of our legal team if you have more questions.

How Do You Know If You Have A Case?

Fill out our case evaluator form and let us help you determine if you have a potential claim. We will reach out to you within 24 hours and let you know if you have a potential claim and give you some advice on next steps. Alternatively, you can chat with us to book a call with a member of our legal team and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

How Do You Pay For Legal Fees?

At Preszler Law Firm – we operate on contingency fees. This means that if you don’t win – you do not have to pay us anything. If you do win, however, you will be charged a percentage fee on the damages recovered. Our agreement provides you with a full explanation of our fees when it comes time to settle your case the fee is cleary particularized so that you know how much the law firm is paid, and most importantly, what you are receiving in your pocket. It is that simple. There are no hidden fees.

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